Sunday, 30 December 2012


JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) is an independent data exchange format. JSON is limited to text and numeric values. Binary values are not supported.
JSON is a subset of the JavaScript Specification (ECME-Script) and it is therefore directly supported in JavaScript.
Data structures in JSON are based on key / value pairs. The key is a string, the value can be a numerical value, a boolean value (true or false) or an object.
An JSON object is a set of key / value pairs which starts with "{" and ends with "}".

 address: {
   number: '31'

Lists are one or more values surrounded by [] and separated by ",".

 address: {
   number: '31'
 address: {
   number: '31'

Semantic Web

The Semantic Web is the extension of the World Wide Web that enables people to share content beyond the boundaries of applications and websites. It has been described in rather different ways: as a utopic vision, as a web of data, or merely as a natural paradigm shift in our daily use of the Web. Most of all, the Semantic Web has inspired and engaged many people to create innovative semantic technologies and applications. is the common platform for this community.

What is UDDI?

UDDI is a platform-independent framework for describing services, discovering businesses, and integrating business services by using the Internet.
  1. UDDI stands for Universal Description, Discovery and Integration
  2. UDDI is a directory for storing information about web services
  3. UDDI is a directory of web service interfaces described by WSDL
  4. UDDI communicates via SOAP
  5. UDDI is built into the Microsoft .NET platform

Thursday, 27 December 2012

Study Week

This week is a study week. All student holiday and study for final exam. My final examination begin at 3 January and end at 21 January. This week also need to complete and send all the reports for all subjects.I just want to say thanks to Madam Nor Shahniza Kamal Bashah because to teach our class CS2314A and CS2314B for this semester. I learned a lot about Web Tech. In this subject for final project i have to build one system. I just learned to build the system with my friends.My friends name is Maha. We are together to complete the system with the report. Lastly i hope i can pass this semester with high CGPA and got Dean...Insyallah amin...   

Sunday, 9 December 2012

Harimau Malaya

Actually this week is a busy week for me and my friends to do project. I got 4 project to be completed. First project must be Web Tech, secondly XML, thirdly Net Security and lastly Net Programming. How to complete all this project before final examination. ARGHHHH!!!! Before that let's forget all about it. Today i want to talk about Malaysia football. Everyone must know AFF Suzuki Cup Competition. Last week We win over Indonesia by 2-0. I'm very proud to be Malaysian because the spirit show by players in field never give up to find goal. First goal by Azzamuddin Akil. The goal assisted by Mahali Jasuli. I'm think it is very great goal because Mahali shoot the ball with curling passes to in box penalties, and then azamaddin shoot the ball into the net. For second goal was dramatic. From midfield syafiq pass to wan zack haikal, then he brought the into penalties box. he showed the skill and the pass to mahali and then goal. That very super goal. I'm very excited with that goal. For tonight Malaysia will fight with Thailand. I'm predict Malaysia will win with 3-1. If loss i don't care because we were reached in semi final. Let pray for our team Malaysia. SELAMANYA HARIMAU MALAYA.....LELELELLE.......

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

The Best 3 Web Browser

Hello to everyone....i'm so sorry because i'm late to update my today i will update about what the best web browser use in internet among user.The first web browser i choose the google chrome is the best. It is because very fast to use and it has speedy web kit rendering engine. It also minimalist interface. It also handle site errors and quicker well and each individual tab is a unique process. Chrome has caught attention for a running a performed-focused.

Secondly is Firefox. Firefox is the  grandchild of the  venerable Mosaic browser and free-roaming son of Netscape. Although Firefox has a  myriad of user-friendly, forward-thinking features, decently secure framework, and an open-source ideology,its most prominent is extensibility.

Thirdly is internet explorer. Internet Explorer still commands a healthy chunk of the browser market, mostly because it ships with the most popular operating system on Earth and fits, if not exactly elegantly, into corporate computer plans. While many or most IE users stick with it for lack of wanting to try something else, Lifehacker readers definitely don't fall into that crowd—the majority of read
ers who voted in favor of Internet Explorer are sporting Internet Explorer 8

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Pray for Gaza

Hello to i will update my blog......what is new issue today??? Many people do not care about the environment issue today i will update about news Palestine and Israel conflict....deep in my heart...i'm so sad because we can see in paper or on TV what happen to many people death include women and children attacked by Zionis or we know as Israel....Israel very cruel and heartless because they are willing kill Palestinians to get Palestinians territories while Palestinians defending their homeland invaded by Israel....we are as brothers Muslim can helps them by pray to Allah or give donation for Palestinians....I hope one day Palestinian will get freedom from Israel....Amin insyallah

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Planning This Weekend

Hell everyone......Today I will update my blog.This weekend i just sit at home.I am not go anywhere because every evening will rain. So I am decide to sit at home. At home i just study for test and quiz for next week. I afraid to stand the test neatbean. I'm not sure i can do the test.Last sem the test i got 2 marks . That show I'm not really understood in this subject. I'm getting crazy think this subject.I hope someone can teach me for this subject.

Sunday, 4 November 2012

Back To UITM

Hello to all my friends..... So, today i want update my blog. Firstly I want to say today is last holiday for students UITM. Many students come back to UITM. I want to write about what I felt before back to UITM. It cannot be denied if you feel lazy to come back for study after holiday for 1 weeks. Same to me...hehe....actually  many assignments i'm not complete yet. A lot assignment want to do especially neatbean and network programming. I'm do not know to do. But i will discuss it with my friends later. In mood holiday i just read some book and watched television. During Hari Raya Aidiladha i just sat at home. My mom cooked rendang, nasi impit and kuah lodeh. That all i want to say......bye222

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Holiday with My family

Hello.....Today i want  update my blog about my holiday at Melaka.  My family and I went to Melaka for 2 days. Last holiday very enjoyable and fun. First day, we arrived at Village Hotel. The hotel has beautiful view. The price not too expensive. So, if you want go to Melaka just book this hotel. I guarantee you will satisfied with hotel condition. In the afternoon we went to eat at the Bukit Katil,Melaka. The food very delicious. Many customers come to eat in this restaurant. Main menu was Kari Kepala Ikan. That very special why many customers camo to eat.At night i went to river cruise. For adult RM10 only and child RM6 only. The passengers will take a boat around the river Melaka. We were happy to view around Melaka. Melaka have many places to visit. Many tourist from Singapore come to Melaka. They were like come to Melaka because Melaka very unique place other than place.

Sunday, 21 October 2012


Hello to all readers!!! Today all students part 4 involve in activity LDK (Latihan Dalam Kumpulan) at the FSKM. So, i will explain the activities that have been made. It start at 8.30 a.m. First session  everyone should write their personal details on a piece of paper. Then facilitator collect the paper and give with randomly to each student. Each student need read personal details what they got. At 10.30 a.m we take break for a while and continued back on 11.00 a.m.After that we played  the game. This games very challenging because each student must be alert count of number. From this games we performed group. At 2.00 p.m. every group need to presented about entrepreneurship. My group need to explained about what need to be entrepreneur. This activities ended at 5.00 p.m. I was happy joined in this activities.

Sunday, 14 October 2012

System Intergration with Facebook

Today i would like to continue about learning Ruby On Rails. The assessor taught to how ruby on rails integrate with facebook. So i need to install some fail name called Gem. Way to install used CMD. There were many stepped to install. Firstly i'm confused. But finally i have done. I am very happy to do all the facebook integration. Actually integration is about connection our system using application of facebook. we can add button like,comment,subscribe and put pic from facebook into our system. Many things i'm learned from this class..... i will show you all some picture

Sunday, 7 October 2012

What is different Internet and internet

Assalamualaikum to all my today i will update my blog about what is different "Internet" and "internet". Not many know about this. Same to me....hehe. So i will discuss about that. 

Internet, with the capital I, means the bigger of connection all around the world. This is consists of million of private,public,government network  link to wireless and optical networking technologies. It react also as backbone connection in high-speed digital circuit.

internet means is simply any network made up multiple smaller network using the same internetworking protocols.

That all we discuss for today. Bye222

Sunday, 30 September 2012

What is Netcentric???

Hello!!!!! This time i will update my blog about my what is netcentric???Many of my friends do not know what is netcentric? So today i will explain what is netcentric? Refer to dictionary meaning of netcentric is communication between computer and telecommunications network. Base on my understanding netcentric is the study make website within network system. Both of them very important in development system which is structure of architecture in system. In course netcentric very tough especially in subject advance netcentric. From until now i do not understand and i could not develop program using netbean. I feel very sad because i can't mastering in this subject. I hope one day i can understand and love this subject and also to be lecturer for this subject....hehe.....

Sunday, 23 September 2012

Learn Ruby on Rails

For this time i want to share about my weekend. I just spend my weekend by join a class. In this class i was learned new programming language. This programming language name was ruby on rails. This class work on Saturday and Sunday only. Participates do not have to pay for this class. It just free for any students who want enter the class. For first day, i was taught how to used the CSS, jquery, and javascript. Before this, i was learned it in class during diploma. But in that class I am  forgot to do all this. The assessor teaches again how to use them. I am very happy to knew new friends from other course. Some of them from multimedia computing, network computing and eccentric computing. What interesting for this class the assessor very supporting and easy to understood what has been taught. Secondly they provide free food for participates. That all for tonight.... let's continue other post for other day....bye2

Friday, 14 September 2012

Assalamualaikum!!!Hello to the readers. I want to say hello to my friends who know me now.  Let I'm introduce myself...My name is Mohd Rozaimy Bin Abd Muttalif. From CS2314A. So, in this blog i will post anything about ITT544.

I want to tell about the experience in ITT544 class for the first day. Today is the first day of class ITT544. I've got a new lecturer. Her name is Mrs. Shahniza Kamal Bashah. The first day in class she introduced herself to the students CS2314A. All students are required to form a group consisting of 2 or 3 people in each group. Students are required to discuss to make a project using whatever programming language to create a web database. And after that every student have to make a blog that tells about all related about ITT 544 (Web Service) that they have learned in class.

That's all I can share with you all at this time .... bye2

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