Tuesday, 27 November 2012

The Best 3 Web Browser

Hello to everyone....i'm so sorry because i'm late to update my blog...so today i will update about what the best web browser use in internet among user.The first web browser i choose the google chrome is the best. It is because very fast to use and it has speedy web kit rendering engine. It also minimalist interface. It also handle site errors and quicker well and each individual tab is a unique process. Chrome has caught attention for a running a performed-focused.

Secondly is Firefox. Firefox is the  grandchild of the  venerable Mosaic browser and free-roaming son of Netscape. Although Firefox has a  myriad of user-friendly, forward-thinking features, decently secure framework, and an open-source ideology,its most prominent is extensibility.

Thirdly is internet explorer. Internet Explorer still commands a healthy chunk of the browser market, mostly because it ships with the most popular operating system on Earth and fits, if not exactly elegantly, into corporate computer plans. While many or most IE users stick with it for lack of wanting to try something else, Lifehacker readers definitely don't fall into that crowd—the majority of read
ers who voted in favor of Internet Explorer are sporting Internet Explorer 8

Sunday, 18 November 2012

Pray for Gaza

Hello to everyone....today i will update my blog......what is new issue today??? Many people do not care about the environment issue today.....so today i will update about news Palestine and Israel conflict....deep in my heart...i'm so sad because we can see in paper or on TV what happen to gaza....so many people death include women and children attacked by Zionis or we know as Israel....Israel very cruel and heartless because they are willing kill Palestinians to get Palestinians territories while Palestinians defending their homeland invaded by Israel....we are as brothers Muslim can helps them by pray to Allah or give donation for Palestinians....I hope one day Palestinian will get freedom from Israel....Amin insyallah

Sunday, 11 November 2012

Planning This Weekend

Hell everyone......Today I will update my blog.This weekend i just sit at home.I am not go anywhere because every evening will rain. So I am decide to sit at home. At home i just study for test and quiz for next week. I afraid to stand the test neatbean. I'm not sure i can do the test.Last sem the test i got 2 marks . That show I'm not really understood in this subject. I'm getting crazy think this subject.I hope someone can teach me for this subject.

Sunday, 4 November 2012

Back To UITM

Hello to all my friends..... So, today i want update my blog. Firstly I want to say today is last holiday for students UITM. Many students come back to UITM. I want to write about what I felt before back to UITM. It cannot be denied if you feel lazy to come back for study after holiday for 1 weeks. Same to me...hehe....actually  many assignments i'm not complete yet. A lot assignment want to do especially neatbean and network programming. I'm do not know to do. But i will discuss it with my friends later. In mood holiday i just read some book and watched television. During Hari Raya Aidiladha i just sat at home. My mom cooked rendang, nasi impit and kuah lodeh. That all i want to say......bye222

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